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Don Bowden

History Teacher (1963-66)

Don Bowden and his wife Joan were among the fewer than 10 faculty and staff hired by Dr. John Mattern for the first year of AISZ. Don taught history and Joan established the school’s library.

One of the first teachers

Don was known for his excellent teaching, mentorship of students, positive outlook and his leadership on field trips to countries throughout Eastern Europe (including behind the Iron Curtain), Israel and Tunisia. The Bowdens left ZIS after 3 years to teach in Japan, and eventually ended up back in Don’s home area of northern California.

"Live Life to the Fullest"

Typical comments from nominators include (more below): “One of his credos was 'by living life to the fullest, by reading, writing, painting and appreciating one's fellow man for what he is and for the uniqueness of his views, one can discover the secrets of life.' Such an outlook is what makes a good teacher a great one. That attitude towards life has stayed with me and helped enrich my life."

Don Bowden in 2020.

More about Don Bowden

Don Bowden with AISZ alumni Heidi and Susan, and former ZIS Director Jeff Paulson.