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Andreas Meitanis

History Teacher (1986-2018)

During his long career at AISZ and ZIS, Mr. Meitanis taught all eras of history and countless forms of social science classes, including European history, ancient history, psychology, art history, philosophy, economics and international relations.

In addition, his students fondly remember his dedication to coaching soccer, Model United Nations and the memorable Classroom Without Walls trips he led them on. 

From his students:

"When Mr. Meitanis taught, he took you on a journey. (Art) History & Philosophy came alive and time disappeared. We could have listened to him talk for hours. He taught with his whole being - walking up and down the room, gesticulating with great emphasis and if need be booming us out of trances with colorful stories and descriptions. He taught with humor and affection. It was an honor to be in his class. He was a reliable, caring and strong teacher who focused on challenging our minds beyond the school books. Developing us into independent thinkers, both humble and inquisitive. Thank you Mr Meitanis, all these years later my appreciation for your work remains very high."

"Mr. Meitanis is the kind of teacher who teaches for life. Not just was he an amazing Philosophy & Psychology teacher. He was also a Philosopher and Psychologist for his students." 

Even during his teaching career, students were quick to acknowledge the impact Mr. Meitanis had on them. One yearbook dedication to Mr. Meitanis exclaimed, "Mr. Meitanis has won the respect and affection of the students that all teachers desire. Whether it be in class or in his numerous extra-curricular activities he leads, Mr. Meitanis has achieved this distinction through his cheerful attitude, his keen sense of humor, and his easy-going manner." 

Andreas Meitanis
Andreas Meitanis