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Biology Teacher, Coach (AISZ 1967-1989)

Fowler Stillman was born in New York City and grew up in many places in the U.S. and Canada. He attended the University of California (Berkeley), McGill University, Fresno State and Brown University.

Recruited by John Mattern, Stillman left the U.S. in 1967 to join the AISZ faculty as a Biology teacher, as well as a coach for the ski team. He went on to teach additional scientific subjects as well as to lead students in a variety of sports. He was a treasured colleague and a mentor to decades of students during his tenure at AISZ. In 1989, he left the school to join the former AISZ director, Auggie Zemo, who founded the Riverside School in Zug (now ISZL). Stillman retired in 2000 and currently lives in Ebertswil with his wife Ellie.

Said Stillman in an interview in 1987: “I’m always after a sense of purpose, a movement toward excellence for that [student] no matter the level. You honor kids with respect at whatever level they get to. Be generous to their accomplishments; honestly support them and they become enthusiastic…”

Congratulations to Fowler Stillman from former students

Congratulations!!! Thank you for blessing and enriching our lives and also, for being such a wonderful teacher and mentor to all of us!!

Fowler, What an awesome instructor you were.

Yay!!!! I still quote you to this day. You made a huge impression on me. Thank you for being so there for us. And for walking through the smoking area every time you wanted to go for an afternoon run.

Mr Stillman, I pray my sons have the chance to encounter a powerful, charismatic, positive educator like you. Thank you for all you have taught me.

Well deserved Mr. Stillman. Happy memories of biology class! And so many other highlights from my time at AISZ. How fortunate we were to have you as a teacher and mentor.

Oh Bravo Mr. Stillman! Although Biology was not my cup of tea, your sports programs made a difference in my life. Thank you!

What an inspiring, caring and genuinely kind person and teacher you were …. Congratulations on this much deserved recognition.

Well deserved! Most influential teacher in my life!

Congratulations, Mr. Stillman! So lovely to see the video and hear your voice again after all these years! (I still love biology...)

Congratulations Fowler! Of the many valuable lessons I learned from you the one that comes to mind first was from 11th grade AP Biology. I learned in that class that to be successful in college level courses I would have to get off my duff and apply myself. A pretty good lesson for a high school junior. Thank you for that, and everything else you did for me and the other kids.

Congratulations Mr. Stillman! You were an inspiring teacher, and I have you to thank for my choice of career.

Congratulations, Mr. Stillman!! So well deserved! You were an amazing teacher, mentor and coach to me. You inspired life-long insights and personal impact.

Some of my most vivid and positive memories from high school are biology classes with Fowler. I can close my eyes and picture clearly the frog I dissected one year in the garage lab! It all came back in the past few years, as I helped my kids study for their high school classes! What a lovely person, and a wonderful choice for the award! Congratulations!

Congrats Mr. Stillman. You had an impact on my career!

You are awesome! Well deserved and congratulations! What an honor!

Fantastic memories! Thank you Mr. Stillman for being you.

Thank you for the great track coaching in 1984 and 1985! I am still enjoying running immensely in my middle age.