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ZIS Lower School children in the playground

Follow Your Path

Learn about our school: Lower School (ages 3-11) including Bilingual Pathway (ages 3-8), Middle School (ages 11-14) and Upper School (ages 14-18).

Where students take their own path...

At ZIS, we encourage students to discover new ideas and possibilities, and learn by trying and doing. They’ll be inspired to go further, but take their own path. That means that what they learn will be transferable and transformative.


Lower School

Two Lower School girls outside the school

Ages 3 to 11

Balancing play, and challenge

The Lower School offers a transformative education designed around your child including an international education pathway in English and a bilingual English/German pathway.

Middle School

ZIS Middle School student placing designed model car in wind tunnel

Ages 11 to 14

Empowering, not overwhelming

When you love learning, it gets easier to reach excellence. We empower you by helping you to find the joy in learning. The ZIS Experience offers engaging challenges to help you grow, and support so you aren’t overwhelmed.

Upper School

ZIS Upper School girls in science lab pouring liquid into tubes as part of an experiment

Ages 14 to 18

An education built for success

The Upper School personalizes your learning using a balance of challenge and support to make sure you reach your full potential.


Thriving school culture and community

We will provide an education that builds on who each child is, as well as what they know. We will ensure that every student understands the importance of good values, and the power they hold to make the world better. And we will ensure that ZIS supports every child’s social, emotional and mental wellbeing throughout their journey with us.

Academic challenge and support for each student

We provide an education for tomorrow’s opportunities. We pledge to deliver outstanding teaching, led by well-supported teachers. We provide clearly-defined academic and co-curricular activities, with a strong focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

Local impact and global reach

We will develop true global citizens who recognize the value of their local community. Your child will be open to different cultures, backgrounds and perspectives. They will understand the importance of inclusion and equity. And – through our excellent German pathways and local connections – we will help your child develop a bond with their community and a desire to support it.

Finding the right balance

Our goal is to ensure that every child leaves with a love of learning. That means that – wherever they go – they’ll approach every new experience with the thrill of discovery, rather than the fear of failure.

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Countries represented in our community


Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate courses offered



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students across our two age-appropriate campuses

Always looking forward, always learning

ZIS Voices panel


Exploring is a vital part of growing. We encourage students to try new things, so that they can discover who they really want to be. 

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Public Speaking

"It's not only adults who go to conferences; children also get the chance to have a voice."

Henrik, Grade 6

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Isabelle, Class of 2020


"I have this passion for using my abilities to help the student body unleash their potential."

Isabelle, Class of 2020

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Liam, Class of 2020


“When you solve a math problem with logic it feels like you’ve been touched by brilliance.”

Liam, Class of 2020

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Lucy, Grade 8


“A lot of the time, I’ll draw someone I don’t know. I’ll create my own person and add anything I want.”

Lucy, Grade 8

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