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Margaret Smith

Assistant Director, English and Science Teacher
(AISZ 1972-1983)

Margaret Smith joined ZIS in 1972, taking on many roles during her 11 years at ZIS. She was Assistant Director to Augie Zemo, and taught both English and science. Mrs. Smith is from the United Kingdom. She studied at the University of Leeds and received her masters from New York University. She is retired and currently resides in Florida. 

"Margaret had the commitment to teach, the compassion to care, and the fortitude to set high expectations and standards. She taught me to expect more of myself, my school and my community," shared one alumnus. Another expounded, "Mrs. Smith was a devoted, kind, and supportive teacher and staff at AISZ for many years. She was firm with students but also friendly, warm, and generous, with a wonderful sense of humor. She was part of the heart and soul of AISZ." Countless other alumni have expressed gratitude to Mrs. Smith for being such a wonderful role model. Wrote one alumna, "When I was a teenager, there weren't many female role models around: women in leadership positions who were strong, intelligent and respected by all. She was the first woman who taught me that you can be a woman and a leader and tough and demanding and caring and funny - all at the same time."

Regina Lanford

Regina Lanford