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Welcome to the Alumni Community

Past students, parents of alumni, and former faculty and staff are all part of a one-of-a-kind and ever-growing community. It is a network that crosses the globe and generations. We are tied by experience, not location.

Explore how you can connect, celebrate and inspire!

ZIS Alumni greet each other at a ZISMeets event

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ZIS Global Community allows you to both re-connect with old classmates as well as utilize the trusted Zurich International School environment to expand your professional network.


Celebrate milestones together. Register for alumni events, ZISMeets or reunions and remember your ‘home away from home.’


Participate in campus-based or online career events by offering to be a guest speaker, host interns, or hiring a member of our community in your company.


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Alumni Events

Come join us at our next in-person or virtual event. You can even host an event in your area or volunteer for your class reunion–email for more details.

ZIS Voices panel

Alumni Voices

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Sylvia Cediel, Class of 1995

Sylvia Cediel, Class of 1995 (1993-95), Deputy Public Defender in the San Francisco Public Defender’s Office.

My Working Day - Sylvia Cediel, Class of 1995

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Benji Rosen

The human angle Benji’s Humans of Covid-19 Instagram account showed the shocking, real-life impact of the pandemic on frontline healthcare professionals.

My Working Day - Benji Rosen, Class of 2010

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Sophia Marti, Class of 2006

Sophia Marti, Class of 2006 (2001-06) on the challenges of running her own marketing business.

My Working Day - Sophia Marti, Class of 2006

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Masood Razaq

Masood Razaq, Class of 1992 (1990-92), is founder and director of Verdacore, a boutique advisory and project development firm. 

Small World - Mazood Razaq, Class of 1992

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Erika Darmstaedter

From self-styled ‘ski bum’ to award-winning ad agency leader, Erika Darmstaedter (Class of 1981 (1979-81) is proof that there’s more than one route to success.

Small World - Erika Darmstaetder

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Lucille Burgo-Black

Dr Lucile Burgo-Black, Class of 1970 (1965-70), is Assistant Clinical Professor Medicine at Yale, and also works to ensure that veterans get the best care.

Small World - Dr Lucile Burgo-Black, Class of 1970

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Garry Earl-Spurr, Class of 2009

When it comes to my average day, there really isn’t one! But when your “office” is the vast deserts of Western Australia, perhaps that’s not too surprising.

Garry Earl Spurr, Class of 2009