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Service & Sustainability

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Service Learning

Service Learning is a theme that flows through the curriculum at ZIS.

As indicated by our school mission, Learn, Care, Challenge, Lead, we believe that service offers unique learning opportunities both inside and outside of school. ZIS students experience first hand the powerful impact of caring for others, and of understanding a perspective which is different from our own.

Service learning is also an integral part of our co-curricular program and Beyond the Classroom experiences. 

Team Ghana

Team Ghana, which is an after school club in the Middle and Upper School, works to support our partnership with the Bosomtwe International School (BIS) in Ghana.

  • Team Ghana and the Student Council at the Middle School organize an annual dinner and entertainment in support of the BIS partnership. It is during Grade 8 that students begin working towards gaining the opportunity to visit BIS.
  • The Ghana Cup is an all school community soccer day which is organized in partnership with the Parents' Association.

Community Action Service (CAS)

All students are encouraged to care about each other and their environment. Service plays an important role in our students’ learning experience. Therefore it is a part of the graduation requirements for students to participate in direct service within the school, the local community and abroad during Grades 9 and 10.

In addition to this there are numerous service learning clubs that form part of our co-curricular program - see more details below.

Team Ghana
Team Ghana


Sustainability is an important part of everyday life at ZIS. With the ZIS Innovates sustainability initiative, learning how to respect the environment starts as soon as you enter our community. It is our goal to be green.

We achieve this by taking different measures locally and globally. Our local actions at all campuses include the placement of electric hand dryers in all washrooms, a commitment to PET recycling, and the goal of being a paperless school through distribution of student and faculty tablets. Students at the Lower School have access to garden and forest spaces where they learn about the importance of natural ecosystems.

On a global level our community is investing in an increasing number of carbon offset programs that promote social welfare in Africa and Asia.

The educational culture at ZIS endeavours to promote a student body that is conscious of the environment and highlights the value of sustainability.