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Curriculum in Detail

The school is committed to supporting Middle School students with a learning environment which is compatible with their need to understand themselves, to define their values, and to prepare them for the demands of adult life.

Young adolescents experience unsettling but necessary conflicts in the development of their self-concept. These conflicts are caused by changes in their physical, social, emotional, and intellectual growth. On the one hand they seek to make personal choices and strive for independence from conventions and norms; on the other hand they desire group/peer identification and, at the same time, look for continued family/adult reassurance and direction. During this difficult period of transition in their lives, they are sustained by their emerging sense of idealism, their vivid imagination, natural curiosity, and irresistible spontaneity.

Middle school student and teacher in deep thought working out a problem
Adaptable and forward-looking
Middle school students concentrating on their computer work
Empowering, not overwhelming
Middle School student working on his lego robot
Finding your passion


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